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Breville Bread Maker BBM-600

  • Brand: Breville
  • Product Code: BRE-BBM-600
  • Availability: In Stock

MYR 945.00 MYR 899.00

The Breville Baker’s Oven will bake a family size 1.25kg loaf, a large 1kg loaf or a medium 750g loaf. It’s easy to use.

The Baker’s Oven features the exclusive fruit and nut dispenser which automatically drops fruits, nuts and herbs into the dough at the right time – no need to wait.

The Pause function is ideal for creative bread making. It allows you to remove the dough for shaping, filling or brading. You can even score the top of the loaf (just before baking) for a rustic-style bread, or decorate your bread with a glaze and poppy seeds.

Finally, if you enjoy waking up to the aroma of freshly baked bread every morning, the 13 hours Preset Timer makes it easy to do so.

Automatically Menu

BASIC (Light/ Medium/ Dark/ Rapid)
Use the BASIC setting for the White, Flavoured White and White Bread Mix recipes.


WHOLE WHEAT (Light/ Medium/ Dark/ Rapid)
The WHOLE WHEAT (LIGHT, MEDIUM or DARK) setting is used for breads made with wholemeal flour, rye or other grain flours. This setting has a 30 minute PREHEAT cycle. The WHOLE WHEAT (RAPID) setting has a 5 minute PREHEAT cycle. PREHEAT will show on the LCD Screen when the START/ PAUSE button is pressed to commence operation but will only warm to preheat the ingredients if the sensor detects that the oven cavity is below recommended operating temperature. During the PREHEAT cycle the heavy wheat grains absorb the liquid, soften and expand, thus providing better gluten development.


The kneading time is shorter, rising time longer and the baking temperature higher, to produce a crisp crust and a firmer texture. CRUST selection is not available on this setting.


This setting is suitable for sweeter style breads as the rising times are longer and the baking temperature is lower.


This setting is suitable for breads made with gluten free flours such as rice flour, potato flour, buckwheat flour, etc. The shorter rising time and higher baking temperature give a well risen, golden brown, gluten free loaf.


The flavour of the bread baked on this setting is developed in the longer last rising cycle. Extended baking at higher temperature gives the typical hard crust of a Contienental loaf.


Recipes that use baking powder or bicarbonate of soda as the raising agent can be made on this setting.


This setting is designed to produce home made style jam using seasonal fresh fruit.


When the cycle is complete the dough is removed from the bread pan, hand kneaded, shaped and baked in the conventional oven.

This setting is suitable for making pizza and focaccia doughs.


This setting makes pasta dough for shaping into fresh pasta.


This setting allows you to extend the baking time.


750g, 1kg and 1.25kg loaves


Electronic LCD screen


13 hour pre-set timer

Crust Settings

3 crust colour settings – light, medium, dark

Safety Measurement

Power Interruption Protection – if power is interrupted for 5 minutes of less, the program will automatically resume when power is restored


700 W


230 – 240 V

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